The Challenge of Peace Oil Painting

23 02 2008
The challenge of Peace
The kingdom of God
discussing the challenge of peace
Style of the renaissance
Oil on canvas
16″ by 20″
  • In the background we have the Carina Nebula, the results from dying star Eta Carinae‘s violently casting off dust and gas during its final centuries, symbolizing the danger of nuclear war.
  • The Kingdom of God is discussing their challenge to bring peace on earth, to avoid our destroying ourselves.
“Peace is not just the absence of war. . . . Like a cathedral, peace must be constructed patiently and with unshakable faith.” (Coventry, England, 1982) Peace is the fruit of order. Order in human society must be shaped on the basis of respect for the transcendence of God and the unique dignity of each person, understood in terms of freedom, justice, truth and love. To avoid war in our day we must be intent on building peace in an increasingly interdependent world. A positive vision of peace and the demands such a vision makes on diplomacy, national policy, and personal choices.
While pursuing peace incessantly, it is also necessary to limit the use of force in a world comprised of nation states, faced with common problems but devoid of an adequate international political authority. Keeping the peace in the nuclear age is a moral and political imperative.
Pope Jophn Paul II

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23 02 2008

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